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Centre for Global Health

Prof Mac MacLachlan
Prof Joe Barry
Interim Director of the Centre


We use social health science to strengthen health systems


Global health is about social justice and human rights in the context of health; it’s about how health, illness and disability are socially patterned; and how many of the world's health problems are not bounded by boarders, but shared, and best tackled by collaborative innovation and cooperative action.

We have a particular focus on organisational, systems and policy perspectives; on the process and contextual factors that may determine the effectiveness of service delivery; and on access to health for vulnerable or marginalised groups. We reach into the difficult, the uncomfortable, the controversial; fusing evidence, ideas and action. 

We work with civil society, corporates, United Nations agencies and governments, across more than 40 countries: impacting policy and practice and producing excellent scholarship. In Trinity we provide an engaging and empowering learning environment for students and staff alike.

Our Vision is of indivisible and equitable access to health, well-being and human rights. 

Our Masters in Global Health was the first in Europe and our International Doctorate in Global Health (Indigo) the first of its kind anywhere.  Our stewardship of the leading journal, Globalization & Health, and our link with This Week in Global Health (TWIGh), ensures that our staff and students are informed and invigorated. 

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