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MSc in Global Health



Director and students of the MSc in Global Health talk about the programme and what it can offer potential applicants.


Welcome and thank you for your interest in the MSc in Global Health at Trinity College Dublin. Our programme is designed to produce leaders in global health research, policy and practice. With a strong emphasis on understanding how to strengthen health services at a systems level our programme develops and sharpens critical thinking, analysis and practice.

Our mix of students from low, middle and high income countries, provides for significant opportunities to learn across different cultural and contextual situations.  Students from diverse backgrounds including clinical, biomedical, social science and other backgrounds consistently question each others assumptions and provide a rich dynamic for explorative learning.  The Centre for Global Health puts a strong emphasis on the importance of staff who have lived in low and middle income countries and have practical experience of global health challenges.  Our concern to move 'upstream' and address the social, system and environmental causes of clinical problems is also a defining feature of the programme.

We believe that this course, with its unique blend of social and health science perspectives, will equip you with the skills to contribute to improving health systems and health practice locally and internationally. We hope you would be able to join us in what is an exciting and stimulating academic environment as we address the challenges of global health in the world.

Our website provides detailed information about the MSc in Global Health programme and the admissions process. The answers to many of your questions will be found here. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Professor Joe Barry

Course Director

email: or



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