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MSc Global Health 2006-2007

Anne-Marie O’Sullivan
Country: Ireland
Background: Applied Social Studies
Research Project: An exploratory study of the health needs, health service provision and barriers to health service utilization of Polish nationals, using homeless services in two Irish cities

Annette Rochford
Country: Ireland
Background: BA Sociology
Research Project: Issues for service providers working with service users in managing HIV disclosure to at risk (sex) partners in an Irish sexual health service

Belaynesh Yifru Mulugeta
Country: Ethiopia
Background: Medicine
Research Project: Factors influencing Universal Salt Iodization to combat Iodine Deficiency Disorder in Ethiopia

Clare Cantwell
Country: Ireland
Background: BSc Earth Sciences
Research Project: Children living with HIV in resource limited settings: towards effective treatment with ART

Damien Canning
Country: Ireland
Background: BA Geography
Research Project: Substance abuse in Ireland: Irish vs. non-Irish

Daniel McCartney
Country: Canada
Background: BSc Molecular Biology and Genetics
Research Project: The impact of migration on the sexual health of migrant men who have sex with men (MSM) in Dublin, Ireland

Gavin Cobb
Country: Scotland
Background: Medicine
Research Project: The management of maternal and congenital syphilis in Central Australia

Haregewoin Kiflom Desta
Country: Ethiopia
Background: Nursing
Research Project: Knowledge, attitude and practice of universal precaution among health professionals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Joanne Kiniry
Country: Ireland
Background: BSc Applied Psychology
Research Project: The experience of individuals who have worked in complex emergencies, of implementing mental health and psychosocial guidelines to affected populations

Julia Morrell
Country: England
Background: BA Anthropology and Geography
Research Project: Harmonisation of aid in the health sector: a case study of the implementation experience of Irish Aid in sub Saharan Africa

Mischa Willis
Country: USA
Background: BA Social Science
Research Project: Motivations and incentives employed to prevent the “Brain Drain” of medical professionals in developing countries

Nicola Boyle
Country: Ireland
Background: Nursing
Research Project: Advanced nursing practice in HIV, international experiences and lessons for an Irish context

Oliver Malokota
Country: Zambia
Background: Medicine
Research Project: The impact of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) project on health service delivery at Monze Mission Hospital, Zambia

Rebecca McSorley
Country: USA
Background: Pre Medicine
Research Project: Examination of the Irish Government’s policies and responses with respect to tuberculosis in foreign-born individuals

Rebecca Morris
Country: England
Background: BSc Psychology
Research Project: A formative evaluation of the TB Photovoice Project, Thailand

Sarah O'Neill

Country: Ireland
Research Project:

Susan Bradley
Country: England
Research Project: Mid-Level providers in emergency obstetric and newborn health care: factors affecting their performance and retention within the Malawian health system

Tsegaye Bedane Fulassa
Country: Ethiopia
Background: Public Health
Research Project: Determinants of community participation on Fand E components of safe strategy for Trachoma control in Hulet Eju Enese Woreda/District, East Gojam zone of the Amhara Regional State, North Western Ethiopia

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