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MSc Global Health 2007-2008

Alumni 07/08

Behailu Merdekios
Country: Ethiopia
Background: Public Health
Research Project: Effectiveness of prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV service in Arba Minch, Southern Ethiopia

Brion Ó Loinsigh
Country: Ireland
Background: BA Psychology
Research Project: A cross sectional analysis of healthcare seeking behaviour by community caregivers of children orphaned by HIV/AIDS and other causes across 5 developing countries.

Carolyn Whitten
Country: USA
Background: BA Political Science
Research Project: Medicines procurement in Africa. Case of Sengal

Jacqueline Mpanga
Country: Uganda
Background: Pharmacology
Research Project: The availability of paediatric antiretroviral formulations in Uganda

Jacob Bell
Country: USA
Background: Psychology
Research Project: Reviewing the health impacts of climate changes and relevant adaptation strategies: A discussion document for the Bangladesh health sector.

Jennifer Munoz
Country: USA
Background: BA English and Interdisciplinary Film
Research Project: Factors fuelling the continued spread of HIV in the females sex worker community in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Kadu Meribo
Country: Ethiopia
Background: BED Geography
Research Project: KAP: Survey study of ABC approach of HIV prevention at a community level in selected part of capital city Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Kamal Abdurrahman
Country: Nigeria
Background: Medicine
Research Project: Barriers of adherence to highly active anti-retroviral therapy among HIV infected patients in Swaziland

Laoise Coady
Country: Ireland
Background: Medicinal Chemistry
Research Project: Experiences accessing services for autistic spectrum disorders: A comparative analysis between Dublin and New York

Marianne Griffiths
Country: Ireland
Background: International Business
Research Project: An investigation into the existence of advocacy and empowerment strategies used by organisations representing people with disabilities in La Paz, Bolivia.

Mary Young-Aragbaiye
Country: Nigeria
Background: BSc Microbiology
Research Project: Access to support services after domestic violence: An exploration of African women’s experiences in Dublin, Ireland

Niamh Barry
Country: Ireland
Background: History, Politics, Sociology and Social Studies
Research Project: Women’s empowerment and masculinity: The limitations of excluding men.

Nicholas Connor
Country: Canada
Background: Health Science
Research Project: Monitoring the performance of moderately malnourished children on home-based therapy using mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC) in Southern Malawi.

Ola Owojori
Country: Nigeria
Background: BSc Psychology
Research Project: The role of organisational justice on the performance of job satisfication and organisational commitment among senior house officers in Dublin

Rachel Saunders-Higgins
Country: Ireland
Background: Social Studies
Research Project: Is the “Bias Free” Framework a useful tool for uncovering biases deriving from social hierarchies in a research priority setting process that uses tools such as the Global Forum for Health Research combined approach matrix (CAM) methodology?

Rebecca Comrie
Country: Canada
Background: BSc Science
Research Project: Tobacco control policy analysis for Lesotho

Silvia Stringhini
Country: Italy
Background: Developmental Studies, MSc in Economics
Research Project: Understanding informal payments in health care: the motivation of health workers in Malawi

Susan Dundon
Country: USA
Background: BA Politics and Economy
Research Project: Knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) survey of water, sanitation and hygiene in Jose Carlos Martiategui, San Juan de Lurigancho, Peru

Tirhas Gebremedhin
Country: Ethiopia
Background: BSc Public Health
Research Project: Knowledge, attitude and practice of mothers and other care takers towards prevention of malnutrition in under five children in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia

Uzma Siddiqui
Country: Pakistan
Background: Medicine
Research Project: A link between smoking and tuberculosis to study the smoking habits of patients attending a TB clinic

Woldemariam Hirpa
Country: Ethiopia
Background: Nursing, BSc Public Health
Research Project: Determinants of current family size and prospective fertility desire for more children by sex preference among employees of federal ministry of health, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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