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MSc Global Health 2015-2016 Students and Research Projects

 Ben Jack  Adams An assessment of community mental health forums in Sierra Leone: Exploring programme outcomes and impact
 Ehimudiamen Anne  Anetor Evaluating a Model Collaborative Eye Clinic
 Emma  Atkin-Brenninkmeyer Factors Concerning Access to a Potential Drug Consumption Room at Merchant's Quay Ireland, Dublin - An Exploratory Research Project
 Kira Elise  Barwich Nutrition Impact and Positive Practices (NIPP): A retrospective study into behaviour regression among NIPP participants post-graduation 
 Awasandeke   Bolongue Prevalence and Characteristics of Smokers Among Students at Trinity College Dublin
 Megan Elizabeth  Carlson Menstrual Hygiene Management practices among displaced Syrian women residing in urban Turkey and those residing in camps within Syria
 Mathews Junior  Chinyama Analysing the Extent of Social Inclusion and Equity consideration in Malawi's National HIV and AIDS Policy Review Process
 Ali Riza   Demirbas A Country Based Exemplification of Catastrophic Health Expenditures and Their Negative Impact Towards Ensuring Financial Protection
 Naoise   Kinsella Examining Resources and Challenges in the Provision of Post-Transition House 'Aftercare' Support Services: A Case Study
 Jon Kristian  Lindefjeld Self-reported female healthcare worker perceptions of readiness to work in conflict zones
 Yuzhen   Ma Burnout, organisational justice and intention to leave amongst nurses at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Malawi 
 Anita   O'Brien An Assessment of the implementation of the Physical Education Curriculum and Physical Activity in Irish Primary Schools
 Sonja Antje  Polz The Perception of Female Asylum Seekers Regarding their Psychological Vulnerability
 Mary Margaret  Scholl Establishing a National Assistive Technology Policy Framework (NATFrame)
 Deepak George  Thomas Systems thinking frameworks in health systems strengthening
 Larissa Prata  Varella The (in)security dilemma: a policy timeline of the influence of a securitization logic in WHO’s documents on managing infectious disease outbreaks
 Einas Elhassan Knowledge, attitude and practice of Sudanese Women on the use of skin whitening products
 Lorraine Gallagher The Global Fund and Health system strengthening: Rising Responsibility or Excessive Expectation
 Jacqueline Vihernik An investigation into the US Private Insurance Market’s attempts to manage the costs of care resulting from obesity within the legislative framework of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.



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