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Recent Publications



MacLachlan M., Carr, S. C.& A. McAuliffe (2010) The Aid Triangle: Recognizing the Human Dynamics of Dominance, Justice and Identity. Zed Books: London and New York.

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MacLachlan, M., Swartz, L. (2009) Disability and International Development: Towards Inclusive Global Health.  New York: Springer.

[DOI link]

Mc Auliffe, E., McKenzie, K. (eds) (2007) The Politics of Healthcare: Achieving Real Reform, The Liffey Press: Dublin.

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MacLachlan, M., Carr, S.C., McWha, I.(eds) (2008) Interdisciplinary Research for Development: A Workbook on Content and Process Challenges.  New Dehli: Global Development Network.



Book Chapters / Articles in Books and Published Reports


McAuliffe, E., Bowie, C., Hevey, D., Makoae, L., Manafa, O., Maseko, F., Moleli-Habi, M. (in press) Managing and Motivating: Pragmatic Solutions to the Brain Drain' Human Resources in Healthcare, in Kabene S. (Ed.) Human Resources in Healthcare, Health Informatics and Health Systems, IGI Global.


Mc Auliffe, E., McKenzie, K. (2007) Thinking and Acting in Healthcare, inMc Auliffe, E., McKenzie, K. (eds) The Politics of Healthcare: Achieving Real Reform, The Liffey Press: Dublin.

[DOI link]

McKenzie, K., McAuliffe, E. (2007) Effecting Change in Healthcare, in Mc Auliffe, E., McKenzie, K. (eds) The Politics of Healthcare: Achieving Real Reform, The Liffey Press: Dublin.

[DOI link]

Mc Auliffe, E., VanVaerenburgh, C. (2006) A Guide to Managing Change, Health Services Executive, Dublin.


Normand, C., Thomas, S. (2009) Health Care Financing and the Health System, in Carrin, G., Buse, K., Heggenhougen, K., Quah, S. (eds) Health Systems Policy, Finance, and Organization, Oxford, Elsevier.


Normand, C., Thomas, S. (2008) Health Financing and the Health System, in  Heggenhougen, K.,  Quah, S. (eds) International Encyclopaedia of Public Health, Vol 3, San Diego, Academic Press, p160 – 174.



Peer-Reviewed Papers

O'Dowd, J., Mannan, H., McVeigh, J.. India’s Disability Policy – Analysis of Core Concepts of Human Rights.Disability, CBR & Inclusive Development, 24, feb. 2014. [PDF]
Bradley, S., Kamwendo, F., Masanja, H., de Pinho, H., Waxman, R., Boostrom, C. and McAuliffe, E. (2013)  District health managers' perceptions of supervision in Malawi and Tanzania. Human Resources for Health, 11(43).   

Bradley, S., McAuliffe, E. (2009) Mid-level providers in emergency obstetric and newborn health care: factors affecting their performance and retention within the Malawian health system. Human Resources for Health, 7(14).


Comiskey, C. and  Larkan, F. (2010) A National Cross Sectional Survey of Diagnosed Sufferers of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis /Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Pathways to diagnosis, changes in quality of life and service priorities. Irish Journal of Medical Science, 179(4):501-5. Epub 2010 Sep 26.


Field, D., Elbourne, D., Hardy, P., Fenton, A.C.,  Ahluwalia, J., Halliday, H.L., Subhedar, N., Heinonen, K., Aikio, O., Grieve, O.,  Truesdale, A.,  Tomlin, K.,  Normand, N., Stocks, J. on behalf of the INNOVO Trial Collaborating Group (2007) Neonatal ventilation with Inhaled Nitric Oxide versus Ventilatory support withOut inhaled nitric oxide for infants with severe respiratory failure born at or near term: The INNOVO multicentre randomised controlled trial.  Neonatology, 91, p73–82.


Kiniry, J., Thomas, S., Wyness, L. (2007) Implementing Mental Health and Psychosocial Guidelines.  BMJ: British Medical Journal


Larkan, F., and Van Wyk, B. (2011) Writing Henry: The Moralities of Representation.  Irish Journal of Anthropology 14(1) 43-49


Larkan, F., Van Wyk, B., and Saris, AJ (2010) Of Remedies and Poisons: Recreational Use of Antiretroviral Drugs in the Social Imagination of South African Carers. African Sociological Review, 14 (2) 62-73


Maarse, H., Normand, C. (2009) Market competition in European hospital care, in Rechel, B.,  Wright, S., Edwards, N., Dowdeswell, B., McKee, M. (eds) Investing in hospitals of the future. Open University Press.


MacLachlan, M.,  Mji, G., Melling-Williams, N., Gcaza, S. (2009) Realising the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Africa.  Special Issues of Disability and Rehabilitation, 31 (1), p1-60.


Manafa, O., McAuliffe, E., Maseko, F., Bowie, C., MacLachlan, M. & Normand, C. (submitted) Factors for mid level provider's motivation: the Malawi health workers and district management perspectives.  Human Resources for Health


McAuliffe, E., Bowie, C., Manafa, O., Maseko, F., MacLachlan, M., Hevey, D., Normand, C., Chirwa, M. (2009) Measuring and Managing the Work Environment of the Mid-level Provider - the Neglected Human Resource. Human Resources for Health, 7(13).


McAuliffe, E., Manafa, O., Maseko, F., Bowie, C., White, E. (2009) Understanding job satisfaction amongst mid-level cadres in Malawi: the contribution of organisational justice. Reproductive Health Matters, 17(33), p80 – 90.


McPake, B., Normand, C.  (2008) Health Economics - an international perspective (Second Edition).  London, Routledge.


Negusse, H, Mc Auliffe, E., MacLachlan, M. (2007) Initial Community Perspectives on the Health  Service Extension programme in Welkait, Ethiopia.  Human Resources for Health, 5 (21).


Norman, I., Normand, C., Watson, R., Draper, J., Jowett, S., Coster, S. (2008) Calculating the costs of work-based training: The case of NHS Cadet Schemes.  Int J Nurs Stud, 45(9), p1310-8.


Normand, C.  (in press) Measuring outcomes in palliative care:  Limitations of QALYs and the Road to PalYs. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management


Normand, C. (2008) Health economics made easy: guiding the initiated and uninitiated.  Health Econ Policy Law, 2, p213-8.


Normand, C. (2007) Outcomes of variation in hospital nurse staffing in English hospitals: A case for investment? International Journal of  Nursing Studies, 44(2), p169.


Okorafor, O., Thomas, S. (2007) Protecting Resources for Primary Health Care under Fiscal Federalism: Options for Resource Allocation. Health Policy and Planning, 22 (6), p415 – 426.


O’Shea, S., Wyness, L., Mc Auliffe, E. (2007) Successful Large System Change:  At what cost?  Journal of Change Management, 7(2), p107-120.

O’Shea, J.A., Wyness, L., McAuliffe, E., Hevey, D. (in press)  Staff perceptions on management’s performance during a change management process: Principal components analysis. Public Administration

Poletti, T., Balabanova, D., Ghazaryan, O., Kocharyan, H., Hakobyan, M., Arakelyan, K., Normand, C.  (2007) The desirability and feasibility of scaling up community health insurance in low-income settings-Lessons from Armenia. Soc Sci Med, 64(3), p509-20.


Russell, V., Wyness, L., McAuliffe, E., Fellenz, M.R. (in press) The social identity of hospital consultants as managers. Journal of Health Organization and Management


Ryan, P., Thomas, S., Normand, C. (in press) Translating Dutch: Challenges and Opportunities in Reforming Health Financing in Ireland.  Irish Journal of Medical Science


Samman, E., McAuliffe, E., MacLachlan, M. (2009) The role of celebrity in endorsing poverty reduction through international aid. International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing, 14, p137 – 148.


Stringhini, S.,  Thomas, S., Bidwell, P., Mtui, T., Mwisongo, A. (2009) Understanding informal payments in healthcare: motivation of health workers in Tanzania.  Human Resources for Health, 7,(53).

Thomas, S. (2008) Squaring the Circle? BMJ: British Medical Journal
[DOI link]

Thomas, S. (2007) The Oslo Ministerial Declaration: What a pity!  The Lancet, 369 (9580), p2159 – 2159.    


Thomas, S.,  Mooney, G.,  Mbatsha, S. (2007) The MESH Approach: Strengthening Public Health Systems for the MDGs. Health Policy, 82(2-3), p180 – 185.

Thomas, S., Normand, C. (2007) Ireland awaits. BMJ: British Medical Journal
[DOI link]

Troy, P, Wyness, L., McAuliffe, E. (2007) Nurses' experiences of recruitment and migration from developing countries: a phenomenological approach. Human Resources for Health, 5, p5-15.


Varley, J., Fitzsimmons, M., Delanty, N.,  Collins, C., Boland, M., Normand, C. (in press) Epilepsy Care in General Practice: Results of a National Survey.  Irish Medical Journal


Willis-Shattuck, M.,  Bidwell, P.,  Thomas, S.,  Wyness, L.,  Blaauw, D., Ditlopo, P. (2008) Motivation and retention of health workers in developing countries: a systematic review. BMC Health Services Research, 8.

[DOI link]


Non Peer Reviewed Papers


McAuliffe, E., McKenzie, K. (2007) The Politics of Healthcare. Dublin, Blackhall Publishing.


Carr, S.C., MacLachlan, M. (2008) Interdisciplinary Research for Development: A Policy Paper.  New Dehli: GlobalDevelopment Network.



Unpublished Reports


Thomas, S., Mc Auliffe, E. (2006) Report on Irish Aid Health and HIV/AIDS Advisors & Development Specialists Meeting, Department of Foreign Affairs.



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