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Areas Of Expertise
Human Resources

Effective use of human resources, including task shifting, the use of mobile phone applications, supportive supervision and other strategies to motivate and improve the performance of staff and increase staff retention.
Generating a better understanding of variations in motivating factors for different types of health workers to enable more equitable distribution of the health workforce.
Salary discrepancies and their potential to impact on motivation and performance.
Understanding factors that contribute to performance in hospitals and other types of health facilities.

Equitable access

Identifying barriers to accessing health services particularly for vulnerable and marginalised groups.
Policy analysis for inclusion of vulnerable groups and the development of policy analysis tools for more general use.

Maternal and Child Health

Identifying the gaps in the provision of emergency obstetric care.
Use of mid-level cadres to expand scope of services.
Engagement of community health workers and community-level resources to improve utilisation of maternal and child health services.
Improving Health education, health seeking behaviours amongst pregnant women.

Implementation Science

Identifying constraints to policy and programme implementation
Identifying barriers to organisational change.
Conducting operational research with NGOs to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of their programmes.

Comparison of delivery models

Assessment of different delivery models for the provision of health services, including the assessment of contextual and environmental factors influencing the effectiveness of different models.

Knowledge and Learning

Mapping and improving knowledge flows and the use of evidence in crisis situations. 
Provision of Knowledge Management Support Programmes to civil society and UN organisations.
Personal Coaching and Mentoring of Field, Research and Project Management Staff.

Cultural Analysis

Ethnographic analysis of health problems and contexts.

Quantitative comparisons across cultures.

Understanding of social and psychological factors relating to migrant and minority groups.

Assessing the symbolism, power and language of illness identification and treatment.
Exploring cultural variation in the identification and treatment of illness.
Health-seeking behaviours amongst hard-to-reach populations.
Patterns of alternative health-seeking behaviour in sub-Saharan Africa.

Assessing efficiencies of knowledge transfer within health systems.

Conducting ethnographic research amongst people living with HIV and AIDS.
Investigating cultural variations in the definition, presentation and enactment of stigma in HIV.
Identifying gaps in services for people living with HIV.
Understanding bio-psycho-social barriers to access and adherence to antiretroviral treatment.
Investigating the reported use of antiretroviral medication for recreational purposes.

Chronic Illness

Assessment of diagnosis and treatment pathways for people living with chronic illness.
Ethnographic research amongst people living with chronic illness in Ireland (viz CFS/ME).
Identification of service gaps in the health and welfare systems, for people living with chronic illnesses.

Project Management

Management of Multi-country research projects.

Management of large-scale projects.

CGH Collaboration Projects
Global Health projects in Trinity college