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Access to Infant and Maternal Health


This project is funded by World Vision, Irish Aid and DfID.



Assessing the use of community-based approaches to improve maternal and child health through addressing the most common preventable causes of infant and maternal morbidity and mortality. 



Growing enthusiasm around information communication technology for development (ICT4D) has sparked international interest and large investments in mobile phone projects across the globe.  This technology has the potential to increase health service delivery; strengthen health information systems; improve data collection and monitoring; and provide support for health workers. The evidence demonstrating the impact of mobile phones as a human resource management tool for CHWs however, remains scarce.

The Centre for Global Health is partnering with the Ministry of Health and Sanitation Sierra Leone, World Vision Ireland and World Vision UK to improve maternal, newborn and child health in Bonthe District, Sierra Leone.  Through grants from both Irish Aid and DFID, 33 CHWs will be trained in the delivery of the 7-11 timed and targeted counselling strategy. 7-11 is an evidence-based framework delivering 7 key health interventions for pregnant women and 11 key health interventions for children under 2.

The main objective of this study will be to carry out a piece of operational research to assess changes in health worker motivation over time, triggered by the introduction of a mobile phone application for 7-11 timed and targeted counselling as a specific human resource management tool.  Motivation will be looked at in conjunction with performance indicators (i.e. referral rates, missed visits), supportive supervision, job satisfaction, and organisational commitment, all of which will serve as indicators of future attrition rates for the community health worker programme. 


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For further information on this research project please contact Prof. Eilish McAuliffe, Principal Investigator.

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